By Alanna York, founder of Controlled Chaos

In July of 2015, I tried out for Shark Tank for the third time. My hopes weren’t too high since I had been rejected before; however, I decided to give it one last shot and go for the gold. Surprise of all surprises, I landed a deal!

The Sharks drive a hard bargain, but I was grateful for the offer and accepted it gladly. I don’t know where I would be today if not for that last-minute exposure. My brand is Controlled Chaos, founded by me, a hairstylist. I am dedicated to giving curly guys and gals the best curls they’ve ever had—no frizz, no fuss.

Say goodbye to crunchy curls and hello to soft, touchable, frizz-free texture with Controlled Chaos bundle package, $59.

I’ve created a simple product line that works on all curl types, from wavy to kinky to corkscrew. My products provide smooth, defined curls that are soft—no wet-look crunchiness or puffed-out flyaways. Each unique head of curls is allowed to be the best version of its natural self but without some of the chaos that typically comes with naturally curly hair.

Since my appearance on Shark Tank, my product line has expanded, and my business has grown. As for the product line, I’ve added a sulfate-free cleanser, a leave-in moisturizer, and will always have my amazing Curl Crème. I’ve got bundle packages complete with cleanser, moisturizer, and curl crème, as well as CurlClique subscription options so that customers never miss a beat. No bad hair days necessary!

Controlled Chaos’s social media presence has continued to expand as well. CC’s Instagram has grown to 132K followers, which is amazing! I am constantly working to share the latest updates on curly hair news, advice, tips, and product/haircut info. I want to make a mark on the curly community, and I’m well on my way.

At the International Beauty Show in Canada, I will be teaching the Controlled Chaos method of cutting hair.

Being on Shark Tank was so worth the nerves, the emotions, the preparation, and the vulnerability to bring me to where I am today. I have proven that chaos can, in fact, be controlled—it just takes a vision, the right product, and a little help from ABC and Shark Tank!

The Original Curl Creme, $24.99

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