Types of Poker – Badugi, Razz, Lowball, and Razz


Poker can be divided into four basic types: draw, badugi, razz, and lowball. Here we’ll cover the rules and variations of each one. Learn more about the different types of poker and what makes them so popular! This article will help you decide which one to play! The next part of this article will explain why you should choose draw or badugi over the other two. This will make playing these two types of poker easier. Hopefully you’ll feel like an expert in no time.

Draw poker

Draw poker is a popular card game that involves the exchange of cards among players. Players can exchange their cards after the first round of dealing. The rules of the game also include ‘jackpots,’ which prevent a player from opening betting without a pair of jacks. These compulsory bets carry over to the next hand. There is one disadvantage to draw poker, though: it can be tricky to win. As the name suggests, this card game is not for the faint of heart.


When you think of poker, the term razz probably comes to mind. It is a variation of stud poker, normally played for ace-to-five low hands. Razz has been around since the early 20th century, and emerged when a 52-card deck replaced the 20-card version. Unlike other forms of poker, razz requires you to know the ace-to-five low rankings in order to win.

Lowball poker

Lowball poker is a form of draw poker. Players are dealt five cards face down, and must open a bet or fold. Any cards discarded from the deck are replaced by another card to form a hand. Players who remain in the pot can then improve their hand by replacing one of their cards. Lowball is typically played with a single blind, but some betting structures allow the big blind to call. In these cases, the minimum open bet is double the big blind.

Texas hold ’em

If you love to play poker, you may have come across Texas Hold’em. The game started with each player receiving two cards, or ‘hole cards’. Each player then has five options for betting – they may check, fold, raise, or call. Players can also check if there is no bet, and they can make their bets after seeing their hole cards. Players who fold their hand are out of the game until the next round.